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Wednesday Winners: Loose Leashes

February 18, 2009 Leave a comment

This week’s Wenesday Winner is

My sister was staying at a friend’s house watching their 3 dogs this past weekend and noticed a new print on their wall. She knew I would love it so she snapped a photo and showed it to me when we saw each other this past weekend. The company that made the print is

I’ve got to tell you as a dog lover I was entranced. I will be getting the Lewis and Clark print! It pictures a black lab and yellow lab in a canoe, oars in their mouths, and in the foreground a tennis ball floating on the surface of the water. Awesome shot. I couldn’t help but pass on the site to other dog lovers out there. Check it out. They have lots of different dogs featured in their prints.

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Wednesday Winners: The Brake-fast Bowl

February 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Every Wednesday, I will be sharing my recommendations for animal organizations, toys, products, services, etc. that are winners when it comes to animals.

This week’s Wednesday Winner is the Brake-fast Bowl. Having known a dog that developed a serious condition as a result of inhaling his food, I am always looking for tools to help pet owners and pets with this issue. The Brake-fast bowl makes a pet work around the dish to get at the food thus short-circuiting the inhalation factor and reducing the risk of bloat. Let me know your thoughts!

Going on vacation: What to do with your pet?

February 3, 2009 6 comments

If you’re like me, you don’t trust your pet with just anyone.
When I used to travel for business (which was quite often), the one thing that worried me most was finding someone who could care for my cats. Cats can be quite self-sufficient, but they still require daily care – and in my case, a daily insulin injection for diabetes.

At the time I had never even heard of a pet sitter, so I had to rely on friends or family to care for my cats, and to give Sebastiaan his daily insulin injection. As you can imagine this became quite an ordeal. I mean who wants to bug your friends to care for your pets while you are out of town all of the time? They have busy lives themselves and don’t want to be a constant caretaker for someone else’s pets – even if it is for you, their friend.

And, you can only use family for so long before they get tired of it too. Luckily, I had a very understanding sister who loved my cats as much I did, so she was often willing to come over and stay with them or stop in to feed them and give Sebastian his insulin. Not everyone is so lucky.
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