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God bless our soldiers and the dogs they leave behind…

November 18, 2009 Leave a comment

If you’ve been on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube in the past week then you’ve likely seen the video of a dog welcoming it’s owner back home. In this case, the owner is a soldier returning from a stint in Afghanistan. The dog cries after realizing her owner is finally home. A very touching video. It certainly brought tears to my eyes.

Today, I saw the rest of the story as reported in the LA Times. I encourage you to read it. In the article, Captain Andrew Schmidt reminds us that our servicemembers are still serving in the Mideast and should not be forgotten. He also talked about the “virtues of pet adoption” and told how Gracie (the dog in the video) was adopted by the Schmidt family just one day before she was scheduled to be euthanized. He also said “she’s been the best dog and a vital part of our family for the past five years.”

It’s easy to remember our soldiers during the holidays. The media covers them more at this time of year than any other. But, we need to keep them in our minds every day. And, while we are at it, let us not forget the families and dogs they leave behind.

And one additional note: Shelter dogs can be some of the most loyal and loving pets you could ever hope to have in your life. Gracie is proof of that.

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