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The Loyalty of an Abandoned Dog

March 7, 2012 23 comments

Abandoned Dog in Ohio

Wednesday night I happened to see this picture posted by Neil on his Life With Dogs Facebook page. I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of sadness when I read the words that accompanied it.

This poor dog you see in this picture is waiting for an owner who abandoned him. Does anyone have room for a foster?

From Friends of Shelby County Ohio Animals:

Okay everyone, we have a special situation here in Dayton, OH! This poor dog was abandoned last weekend right where he sits today. He’s sat here for over a week through pouring rain just waiting for the person who dumped him.
We got a call from the business he’s sitting in front of. Some of the workers have been feeding him and trying to gain his trust, but so far he’s run away from every attempt. He leaves for a short while, then comes back to continue his vigil for his companion who dumped him.

We’re going to do our very best to catch this sweet boy, but we will need a foster to place him in afterward. Looks to be a Lab mix, big boy with a seemingly sweet temperament. Seems to do well with other dogs as he’s run off a few times with a black lab. (who also has something wrong, a leg or back injury)

This is humanity at it’s worst, but canine loyalty at it’s best. Can we help this poor boy? Email if you can help!

What is it about dogs that makes them so loyal? What is it in the make up of a dog that he doesn’t even question that loyalty? Even after this dog’s owner left him there to fend for himself, he waits in the same spot, faithfully, for him to return. He doesn’t even consider that perhaps he is on his own and it’s time to move on.

Seeing this picture, and reading the story behind it, reminded me of my days walking dogs at Minnesota Valley Humane Society. One of the toughest parts of volunteering at the shelter was walking the dogs who had been recently surrendered. Inevitably, at some point along that walk they would start looking for their owner. Some pulled me in a particular direction and I would wonder, “Is that where home is?” or “Is this where they last saw their owner?” Others would search the parking lot for that familiar car, the one they used to take rides in with their family member(s). It always made me so sad to see them searching. Always looking. Hoping. They just couldn’t understand. They couldn’t comprehend that they had been left behind and mom or dad weren’t coming back for them. Ever.

I hope and pray that this dog is rescued. I hope that he finds someone kind enough to take him in and foster him until he can find a new home. And, when he does get that new home, I hope and pray his new owner is as loyal to him as he has been to the owner who abandoned him. At the very least he deserves that. Don’t you think?

If you live in Ohio and you can foster or take this dog in, please contact Friends of Shelby County Ohio Animals at or via their Facebook page .

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