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Adopted Cats and Dogs: To rename or not?

January 6, 2010 26 comments

Being a volunteer at an animal shelter, I see a lot of dogs and cats. I also see a lot of interesting dog and cat names. Some of them are REALLY interesting! Either way, I’m always interested in the names people give their pets. It’s fun to find out the story behind their names.

I think what always surprised me was when people would rename a dog or cat after they adopted them. I’ve always believed that I should let my newly adopted dog or cat keep its given name (especially when the dog or cat came from another home) because it seemed less confusing for them. Since they were already adjusting to a new home and a new owner, the last thing I wanted to do was make them adjust to a new name too. Thus, my cats,Nick and Sebastian, kept their names as did Indy, Aspen and Daisy. Jasper (and his sister, Jasmine) I named myself because they had come from a pet store and were never given names.

But, I know that my opinion is only that, mine. I’d be interested in hearing what others think. Did you change your dog or cat’s name after you adopted him or her? If so, why? What name did you change it to? Is there a story behind your dog or cat’s new name? I’d love to hear it!

As a side note, MSNBC recently published the Most Popular cat and dog names of 2009. They also published the Most Unusual dog and cat names. Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out!

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