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Favorite Video Friday: Hero Dogs of 9/11

September 10, 2010 6 comments

It was September 10th.

It was the day before.

Maybe they were hanging out with their family. Or, maybe they were waiting for that last walk before bed. Perhaps they were doing a last bit of training, or sleeping in their doggie bed, preparing for THAT DAY when they would be called upon to help.

Whatever they were doing on September 10th, they did not, could not, know what would happen the next day. They did not know what they would be asked to do. Or, how they would be looked upon with such hope, by so many humans. They could not have planned (although they had trained) for the next day or the days to come. But they came, and they did what they were trained to do.

Today, on September 10th, we honor those four-legged heros who helped on September 11, 2001. This video is being shared with you thanks to the hard work and dedication of Kenn Bell at The Dog Files. Many thanks to Kenn for creating this beautiful tribute to the Hero Dogs of 9/11. I hope you will love this video as much as I did. It obviously was a creation of love.

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