Favorite Video Friday – Run like hell

March 19, 2015 3 comments

You ever have one of those weeks where you feel like Mercury is in retrograde and nothing you say or do quite comes out right? That was my week – lots of confusion, misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

We all have weeks like that. Don’t we?

In times like this, I just want to run like hell and shake loose all the bad and negative stuff. Kind of like the dog in this week’s video. If anything can outrun the yuck of a bad week, it is this dog. :)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Stay, play and have fun.

Daisy and Jasper – Best Friends Forever

March 19, 2015 6 comments

DSC05819There has always been a special bond between Daisy and Jasper. They connect on a level that I have rarely seen, independent yet attached, brother and sister, mother and son. There is just something unique about it.

When I first brought Jasper and his sister home to foster, I expected Daisy to be confused and maybe a little afraid, but she wasn’t. She was curious, and maybe a little intimidated by the 8 month old puppies that had invaded her space, but she never seemed afraid.

Jasper was a strong male who was both the harasser and protector for his little sister, Jasmine. She was so small that sometimes she got bowled over by his roughness, but when she was in need, he would stand by her and protect her. It was pretty clear that he thought of her as “his”.

Daisy watched them with curiosity, soaking in everything they did with her eyes. I think she wanted to play with them, but didn’t know how. Watching them together taught her a lot about dog behavior.

puppy palsWhen Jasmine was adopted, he transferred his role as protector and harasser to Daisy. At the dog park, he would chase her and nip at her heels, so she would run and he could herd her. He taught her how to play tug of war with their toys – something she had never done before. He protected her from an overly playful Great Dane and then spent a great deal of  time grooming her after the incident, licking her face and neck with great tenderness.

Daisy acts like his mother. She watches over him and makes a point of finding him and sniffing him all over when he comes home from somewhere. She does the same thing when she has been away a while and comes home to him. She loves to nudge him when he is near so he knows she is there. She is his quiet friend and companion, all of the time.

I have always thought of Daisy and Jasper as inseparable, but when Daisy was in the hospital a few weeks ago, I noticed that Jasper seemed to be able to continue on as if nothing were amiss. I fully expected Jasper to show signs of depression or sadness. He never did, not as far as I can tell anyways. But, maybe I was feeling so worried and sad myself that I missed the subtle changes in his behavior.

Jasper harassing his big sister. He obviously knows she is feeling better. #Jasper #Daisy #dogparkWhat I notice now is how much more energy Daisy has and how much more Jasper is interacting with her. Could it be that he knew something was wrong all along and he changed his behavior to allow for her illness? Did he know she was sick long before I did?  Maybe so. And, wouldn’t that be just like a close and faithful friend?

What I know today is that the Daisy and Jasper of old are back together again. They are playful and fun and caring with one another.  Jasper spends more time grooming Daisy than months past, and he spends more time harassing her too. Daisy seems very happy with these changes. She does not seem tired or irritated with him, but instead, more engaged.

Maybe they are just as close as I always thought they were.

They just knew something was wrong sooner than I did and supported one another through the change.

What special dogs.
Happy puppies. ❤️

I think mom his some treats under here. #doggames

Wordless Wednesday #231 – Canine Reflections

March 17, 2015 15 comments

Black and White Sunday #121 – Close enough to sniff

March 15, 2015 11 comments


My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately, WordPress.com doesn’t allow Java script so I can’t provide a direct link to the linky, but you can join here.

Favorite Video Friday – Waiting for him to come home

March 12, 2015 3 comments

This week’s video features two dogs and a cat patiently waiting for their owner to come home. The cute factor is really high on this one too. There is cuddling and watching and cuddling and sleeping and then even more cuddling.. It is very sweet.

I like to imagine my dogs do the same thing while I am away, but I know the truth is a lot less adorable. I already know that:

  • Cupcake perches herself on the bay window ledge and barks viciously at all intruders (i.e., people walking by on the street, squirrels scampering across the lawn to hide their nuts, the mailman dropping off the mail in the mailbox, etc. ). She also destroys the screen on the window closest to her.
  • Daisy paces a lot and collects all the Woobies (stuffed animals) and stores them in her kennel.

The only thing I do not know is what Jasper does behind the baby gate in my bedroom. My guess is he does a lot of whining and barking and wishing he were on the other side of the gate, but as a repeat offender in Kong stealing, he is not allowed to mingle with the general population (at least not until I get home).

Clearly the reality is a lot less adorable, but if I could imagine them doing something, it would what is happening in this video. :)

Happy Friday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday #230 – Playing in the dog park puddle

March 11, 2015 9 comments

The shame of Chicago – Are they killing lost pets before they can be found?

March 9, 2015 25 comments

Having a pet become lost can be so devastating. Whether it be a cat or a dog or a bird, the loss is still the same. The fear and the pain one feels is overpowering. Sometimes it can be difficult to act because we are so immobilized with fear.

There are so many things that can stand in the way of being reunited with a pet, but among them are:

  • Not having your pet microchipped.
  • Waiting to spread the word. Hoping that he/she will come back in an hour or two.
  • Driving around the neighborhood instead of handing out flyers and getting the word out.
  • Not calling the police, shelters and vet clinics in the area to alert them that your dog is missing.

If you live in St Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and you do not do any of the above, you STILL might be lucky enough to be reunited with your pet. Why?  Because Minnesota has a five-day stray hold that requires pets be held at the animal shelter for at least five days to allow an owner to claim them.

And even if you don’t get them after the five-day hold, your pet may still survive because a rescue was able to take him in or the shelter was able to put him up for adoption.

But if you live in Chicago and your pet goes missing, you better hope and pray you have a lot of luck on your side. Why? Because Mayor Rahm Emanual, and the City Council did something pretty low down and dirty. They introduced, and passed, an ordinance to reduce the stray hold in Chicago from five days to three for dogs and zero days for cats.

YES, I said ZERO DAYS for CATS. 

IMG_8244Not only did they reduce the stray hold time for dogs and cats, but they also reneged on their promise to do an information campaign to inform Chicagoans about the change. Thus, most Chicago pet owners have no idea that their lost pets could be killed before they even have a chance to find them.

And, if you have a cat? Good luck. Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) will most likely have killed it by the time you start looking. Remember, cats have ZERO days to be saved.

So unless your pet is microchipped and you spread the word immediately that he or she is lost, you may never see your lost pet again. Ever.

Feeling a little pissed off? Good. Because I need you to let the mayor and his friends on the council know how you feel about them choosing to reduce the chances of an owner and their pet being reunited.

There is a petition posted on Change.Org demanding that the Mayor, the City Council and CACC revisit this resolution and reconsider the reduction in stray hold (Thank you Lost Dogs Illinois for the heads up!). They also demand the Mayor and City Council inform the citizens of Chicago about the change.

Let’s tell Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City Council what we think about them killing lost pets.

And one more thing, get you pet microchipped. NOW.

Don’t wait for CACC to tell you it’s too late and they already killed him.


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