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Favorite Video Friday – Squirrelly Pumpkin Fun

Now that the trick and treating fun is done, it’s time to put away the pumpkins and start planning for Thanksgiving (or if you’re Target, Christmas).

If you’re like many people I know, you’ve got a few pumpkins left over from Halloween that are just hanging around on the front stoop waiting for the trash man to cart them away. I saved my larger (sugar) pumpkins for roasting, but I did stick a few smaller ones on the front step for decoration. The squirrels have been having a hey day with them. Every time I come home, I find them in strange spots around the yard. Their pristine surfaces are now marred with teeth marks.

Yes, it appears squirrels love pumpkins just as much as we do. In fact, they may even love them more than we do (see video #2 below to see what I mean).

I thought this week’s video, featuring an artistic squirrel, was the perfect ending to a candy-filled holiday season. The music is perfectly arranged to accompany his handiwork. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

And if you’re not impressed, perhaps the drunk squirrel video will make your day. This is what happens to a squirrel’s brain on fermented pumpkin. Let this be a warning to you. A drunken squirrel is not a pretty sight. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

Drunk Squirrel

  1. November 7, 2014 at 4:12 AM

    Cute video!


  2. November 7, 2014 at 8:36 AM

    These are pretty funny.

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