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Daisy’s Tail – A Look Back

September 19, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

IMG_4339Today I am taking another look back to the early years when Daisy first came to live with me.  Daisy is a former puppy mill breeding dog who was estimated to be four years old at the time I adopted her. She was afraid of everyone and everything. She practically crawled on the ground the first few days she came to live with me. This is an old blog post from Daisy’s blog, “Daisy the Wonder Dog (and how she found her Inner Lab).” It highlights the progress Daisy had made after I adopted her in 2007.

I hope it gives hope to those who have a damaged or unsocialized dog. Progress can be made. It takes time and patience and often happens in fits and starts – for every step forward there are two steps back, but it is so rewarding when you start to take those steps forward.  The key is to never give up hope. You need a lot of patience and understanding. You also need learn to learn to celebrate the small successes.

This post is from March 12, 2009, two years after Daisy first came to live with me.

It suddenly occurred to me today how far my little Daisy has come over the past 14 months.

As I was letting her inside this afternoon and we headed back into the house, I looked at her and patted her on the head. And, then she did something that made me smile – she looked at me and wagged her tail.

That’s when I realized that Daisy had been wagging her tail for a while now.

How did I ever miss that monumental moment when she first wagged her tail at me? When did it happen? How did I miss it? And, come to think of it…When did Daisy stop circling the car every time she came inside? When did I stop circling the car with her so I could hook a leash to her collar and lead her inside? So much progress and yet it passed by in the blink of an eye.

It’s amazing what a little tail wag can do to brighten your mood!

When I first got Daisy her tail was always tucked under her butt to signal her fear and uncertainty. This remained the case for many months afterwards. Everything was so new to her and people were not something she had a lot of confidence in, especially women. So, a tucked tail was completely understandable.

But eventually, over time her tail did come out and it would rest along the back of her legs, not tucked under like before. The tail wagging came much, much later. It may have been when she began to understand that when I asked her “Are you hungry?” food was soon to follow. Or, it may have been she realized that riding in the car usually meant she was going to the dog park to see her friends or hang out with family. Or, maybe, just maybe, it was when she realized that she was safe and that her new mom loved her a great deal.

It makes me realize how much I have waited for this moment; when Daisy would wag her tail just because she was happy. Forget rainbows, just give me another Daisy day like today!


Daisy and Jasper from 2009

  1. September 22, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    How inspiring! This left tears in my eyes! I own a hound from Louisiana who actually lived through the hurricane. We love him to bits. I also recently had a dog in my class that lived in puppy mill(huge boy almost as big as a dane) until he was a year and then spent another year in shelters. I met him there and knew he had so much love to give that I offered free classes to whomever adopted. They were a wonderful young couple and worked so hard with him. Proud to say he graduated a few weeks ago. So proud of him and he is so lucky to have found them. THey keep thanking me and I say, I just gave you the tools, you did all the work. Imagine if you will this big dog throwing himself on the ground because he was so afraid of every outside noise, wind, grass, concrete. I am sure you know what i am talking of! Enjoyed reading, hope you will read my blog as well and check my website (you will see some of the pictures) am a bit slow on here.Kat and her dogs!

    • Mel
      September 22, 2013 at 10:15 PM

      Your comment made me smile Kat. So impressed that you helped your hound and the Great Dane. WHat lucky dogs they are to have met you. I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks for doing what you do!

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