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Dogs At Play

I was watching some dogs playing at the dog park the other day and it made me wonder…How many many of us really know what our dogs are communicating when they move their bodies in a certain way?

Many people think that a dog’s wagging tail is always a sign of friendliness. Not so. In fact, dogs communicate a great many things with their tails. A dog’s tail can indicate that he wants to play or is simply happy. It can also tell you that she is afraid or that you should keep your distance. As a volunteer at a shelter, I’ve had the opportunity to watch a really cool video on dog behavior. The video is helpful because it allows you to see dog behavior in short segments so you can catch the subtle things dogs do to indicate play, happiness, fear or aggression. You can learn just by watching dogs playing at the dog park, but it helps to know what to watch for.

Here’s a great website on dog behavior: Dog Behavior Blog
And, here’s a great article on dogs at play: “Dogs Pay Attention To Where Other Dogs Are Looking During Play”

My dog Daisy and her friends

My dog Daisy and her friends

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