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Wordless Wednesday #183 – Foster Dog Maggie

April 16, 2014 11 comments

The Charity Game of Love: Give to the Max Day (Today!)

November 13, 2013 5 comments
Cupcake - A Minnesota Sheltie Rescue adoptee and frequent blog guest. :)

Cupcake – A Minnesota Sheltie Rescue adoptee and frequent blog guest. :)

It’s like the most competitive game on earth, but in this case it involves love, money and it helps out Minnesota charities in a big way.

What is it? Give to the Max Day and it starts at midnight tonight!

Give to the Max Day is the one day of the year when charities from around the state of Minnesota compete to raise money for their charities and have a chance to not only double their donations via matching grants, but also win additional prize money that can be used to do even more to help their communities in the coming year .

For many charities, like Minnesota Sheltie Rescue (MNSR), it is a day that can determine how many Shelties we can save and how many will get a chance at a new life in a loving home. The money raised, starting at midnight tonight through midnight tomorrow night, will help us to continue to save Shelties like the ones we just took in from the Pine River puppy mill raid or the ones that were left behind when their owner died unexpectedly. 

Give to the Max Day is a big deal. Huge.

Last year, Minnesota Sheltie Rescue (MNSR) was lucky enough to come in 2nd place in the small charity category. It allowed us to say “Yes” to many Shelties in need, including Shelties from Pine River puppy mill raid.

Here are just some of the things Minnesota Sheltie Rescue did this year: 

  • Spent $45,000.00 in veterinary expenses in 2013 (and the year is not over yet!). This total does not include expenses for grooming, food, supplies and training.
  • Took in 53 Shelties (30 of which came to us just this fall).
  • Placed 36 of the 41 Shelties currently in our program into loving foster homes (5 are still waiting to be placed into available foster homes).
  • Helped Sheltie owners seeking information on Sheltie health and behavioral issues.
  • Educated Sheltie owners on keeping their Sheltie safe and what to do if they get lost.

Since 2003, Minnesota Sheltie Rescue has placed 710 Shelties into new homes. We’d like to continue to say “Yes” to more Shelties in need and make that number grow even more.


Patty Ana is one of the MNSR Shelties who has been helped by your donations in 2013. Patty had a large mammary tumor removed after she came into rescue. She also had a dental and was spayed and received routine veterinary care. Patty was adopted this summer and now is enjoying life with her forever family.

You can help us do so by contributing to Minnesota Sheltie Rescue in the next 24 hours. Can’t give much? That’s okay. Remember, for every dollar you donate, a Minnesota organization is contributing a matching dollar amount.

If you give $5, MNSR gets $10. Not only that, but MNSR also has a chance to win a random drawing of $1000 every hour and the random drawing for  $10,000 at the end of the evening.

So when is the best time to give during Give to the Max Day? During the power hours listed below. The charities that receive the most donations in these hours win a $1000 prize grant for a total of $5,000 in prize grants each power hour!

  • 2:00-2:59 a.m.
  • 5:00-5:59 a.m.
  • 5:00-5:59 p.m.
  • 6:00-6:59 p.m.
  • 11:00-11:59 p.m.

How to donate: Click here and make a contribution. That’s it.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that you can see how we’re doing on our Give to the Max Minnesota Sheltie Rescue page too? To see where we rank on the main LeaderBoard, Go here. As of 6 AM Central Time we are in 8th place on the Small Nonprofit Leader Board!

Check it out several times a day and cheer us on!

Thanks for your support!

What happens to a 14 year old Sheltie when her owner passes away? Fortunately for Lady & her 11 year old son, Jasper, MN Sheltie Rescue was able to take them in. Thanks to your generous donations during last year's Give to the Max, Lady and Jasper received the veterinary care they needed. Lady's care alone was almost $1000.

What happens to a 14 year old Sheltie when her owner passes away? Fortunately for Lady & her 11 year old son, Jasper, MN Sheltie Rescue was able to take them in. Thanks to your generous donations during last year’s Give to the Max, Lady and Jasper received the veterinary care they needed. Lady’s care alone was almost $1000.

Jasper came in with his mom, Lady, after their owner died. They are looking to go to their forever home together.

Jasper came in with his mom, Lady, after their owner died. They are looking to go to their forever home together.

Meet sisters, Pearl and Roxie, also with Minnesota Sheltie Rescue and looking for their forever home. You will fall in love with them after you watch this video.

Four-pawed trick-or-treaters and Halloween pet safety

October 31, 2013 6 comments

IMG_9700It’s all Hallows Eve and the neighborhood kiddies are all excited to put on their costumes and make their annual trek through town to fill their plastic pumpkins with stashes of candy.

Jasper and Cupcake, my four-pawed trick-or-treaters, decided they wanted to have a little Halloween fun too. So while I was away, they went shopping and came home with some costumes of their own.

Even though they can’t go out for treats (chocolate is bad for dogs you know) they decided today would be a good day to spread the message about pet safety.

So many pets get lost on Halloween because they get frightened by the scary costumes and strangers at the door. With doors opening and closing to hand out treats, the chances that a dog will bolt out the door and get lost increase.

Jasper and Cupcake, along with their friends Enya, Maxwell and Riley, ask that you please keep your pets safe by following these simple rules from Lost Shelties MN:

PLEASE…Know where your best friend is before you open any doors. Use a baby gate to block their any access to the door that will be used to pass out candy or put them in their kennels away from all the commotion.

Put locks on your yard gates. The goblins don’t always go up and down the street. Place a lock on your gates to avoid anyone from leaving them open. Then when the porch light goes off and you’re putting things away, you let your best friend out you won’t have to worry was a gate opened.

IMG_9682Have the candy dish up and out of your best friends reach. They can be very determined. Chocolate is a big no-no for them. Be careful of the wrappers too.

If you have a lost dog, I like this tip from Lost Cats MNMake up 1/2 sheet flyers, post cards or business cards for your Lost Cat and hand them out to all the Trick or Treaters that come by! Most Lost Cats do not wander very far and are usually found within a few blocks of home, so this is another good way to get the word out to your neighborhood again. Also, always keep a sign up in your yard so that anyone going by will see it and if they do notice your cat they will know that it is LOST and it’s not just out roaming around. (Insert “dog” for “cat”

Please…Please…Please – know where they are when the door is opening. So many Shelties bolt out an opening door. Don’t have the next one be yours. It really is preventable.

When you’re out with your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids & friends please think of all the missing Shelties and keep an eye out for them if you are in their areas. These beautiful Shelties are still missing from 2013. If you click on the link to missing Shelties it will show you the ones still missing from previous years also.

Other links to check out. Please look at all of them. Each containing some VERY good information.

Jasper and Cupcake wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!


The Ninja and the Fairy

The Ninja and the Fairy

Has a dog changed your life?

October 22, 2013 33 comments

IMG_6838When I first considered offering to foster for Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, I wrote a blog post about it. In the post, I included a picture of one of their available dogs cuddled up and sleeping with a stuffed toy.

The dog in the picture was Lady, now known as Cupcake. My Cupcake.

I couldn’t possibly have known then that the dog I would end up fostering would be the very same one in the picture. Nor could I have known that the dog I ended up fostering would get lost, then found, and then adopted – by me.  I also couldn’t have known that meeting Cupcake would lead me to become an advocate for lost dogs or for Shelties in need or that so many other people would become advocates for other lost dogs because of her.

We often hear people talk about those special people in our lives who make a difference in how we see ourselves or who cause us to change directions in our life. But, how often do we think about the dog that has changed our lives in ways we never expected? 

I can think of many examples of people in my life whose life was changed after meeting their dogs – like my friend Edie, who adopted her first dog, Frankie, and ended up writing a book and starting a blog to write about her experiences with him.  Or the the lost dog I read about recently who had been adopted so he could be a companion to a woman with cancer and ended up being a comfort and lifeline for the husband when she died. Or my friend Debbie, who adopted a fearful dog named Sunny and ended up writing a book and a blog to help other owners of fearful dogs.

Dogs enter our lives in mysterious ways and sometimes they impact it in ways we never expect. Cupcake certainly did that for me. Has a dog changed your life in some way? If so, how? 


Rescues – Do you have a plan for finding your lost dogs?

June 3, 2013 12 comments

Lost not stray v2When Cupcake (known as Lady back then) went missing in late 2011, I was lucky. No. Not lucky because she disappeared. Lucky because I had a an experienced rescue behind me, supporting me, all along the way.

Minnesota Sheltie Rescue knew just what to do to help bring Cupcake back. They knew that flyers were the most successful way to get the word out. They knew that signs and using a call service like Find Toto were also successful in getting more eyes looking for her. They knew how to mobilize a whole group of people to help spread the word. And, they made to tell me to get some rest so I would be there when Cupcake needed me most.  To say they are an awesome rescue would be an understatement.

I wish every rescue offered their new adopters and  foster parents the kind of support Minnesota Sheltie Rescue (MNSR) offered to Cupcake and I. Unfortunately, I think MNSR is the exception and not the norm.

I get it. Rescues are busy. They’re saving lives. They are short-staffed and often run on a shoestring budget. They don’t have the time or the money or the staff to plan for the eventual loss of a dog within their care. But, they should.

If I had my wish, I would ensure that every rescue had a clear plan for:

How a dog or cat will be transported to its new home or foster home (grabbing them off the back of a transport truck is not a plan).

Lost Dogs of MN has a great list of tips on how to avoid losing a dog during transport. Every rescue should consider implementing them immediately. They should also consider making it the standard policy for how dogs are transported to and from their foster and adoptive homes.

What a potential adopter or foster parent needs to know to keep their new pet safe in the first few days after they bring them home.

  • New adopters and foster parents should avoid taking their new dog anywhere besides their home. They should be told to avoid the overwhelming desire to stop off at the pet store for supplies or a dog park, where they are likely to get into trouble or get lost.
  • They should let the dog get used to its new environment and hold off on taking walks through the neighborhood that first week.
  • Entrances and exits should be protected to ensure a dog cannot bolt out the door unexpectedly.
  • Double-leashing a dog or buying a harness for their new dog should be recommended so if the dog becomes frightened unexpectedly, they are not able to run away.
  • Encourage new owners and fosters to take lots of pictures of their new dog (or cat). They should have a frontal view and one with them standing.

What to do when a dog goes missing.

  • Flyers, flyers, flyers. Do I need to say it again? Flyers. Rescues need to have a template ready and waiting to go so when a dog does go missing they are not scrambling to put one together or leaving it up to the adopter or foster to do it. The number one thing that should be on that flyer is a place to put the dog’s picture and contact information, followed by the words “Do Not Chase.”
  • Contact all the veterinarians and shelters within the immediate area. Let them know about the missing dog, provide them with a description and contact information. This should be done within the first few hours after a dog goes missing.
  • Create a calling tree within the rescue. Identify where all of your volunteers are located and let them know they may be alerted if a dog in their area goes missing. Make sure they know what to do next. (Did I mention flyers?)
  • Post the missing dog on their Facebook page using the lost dog flyer. Ask people to help. Ask them to print out copies and pass them out in the area the dog was lost. This should be done within the first few hours after a dog goes missing.
  • Post the missing dog on Craigslist. This should be done within the first few hours after a dog goes missing.
  • Make sure all your volunteers, and anyone helping to find the dog, knows what to do when they see the dog. Not sure what to do? I shared a great video two weeks ago week (The best advice for capturing a lost dog) that I think every rescue should watch.
  • Document each sighting on a Google Map. Learn how to use one. They can be your best opportunity to tracking the dog and understanding its pattern of movement. Lost dogs often retrace their route, so understanding a dog’s movements is key.
  • Set up feeding stations to keep the dog in that area. This will make it much easier to capture the dog if or when you decide to place a trap.
  • Have a live trap in your custody and ready to go.  Don’t have one? Find out who rents them out. Sometimes police departments or rental companies will have one you can borrow or rent. Other rescues are a great resource as well.
  • When a dog is trapped. Avoid the temptation to let them out and leash them while you are at the location. Carry the trap to a safe and enclosed area before letting the dog out. Trust me. You don’t want to lose the dog before you can get them to a safe place.

Lost Dogs-MN has some really great tips for finding lost dogs and an action plan for finding a lost dog. I encourage rescues to take a look and consider making them a part of their plan.

I know having a plan is not an easy thing for rescues to do, but what benefit is there in saving a dog from death row if they get lost after being rescued?  Please. Keep them safe. And, when the inevitable happens and a dog is lost, have a plan for how you will find them again.

Cupcake and I thank you.

The Adorable Adoptable Romeo (He’ll make your heart pitter-patter)

April 30, 2013 10 comments
Dogs N Pawz

Today, I am joining a blog hop to promote pet adoption. I know most people are focusing on shelter pets, but since I am with Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, I thought I would promote one of our adorable adoptables instead. My thanks to our host, Lisa, over at Dogs N Pawz for putting this together. i love it when we can help to promote a pet up for adoption.



Meet the adorable, smart and funny Mr. Romeo. Is he not handsome?

Romeo is a friendly guy who loves playing in the snow and with other dogs and people. His new favorite thing to do is play doggie games with his foster mom. In fact, Romeo has learned lots of new games and tricks since being in his foster home! I’ve included a video of Romeo below so you can see  him in action. Trust me when I say, he puts my dogs to shame.526413_10151572791572755_409068554_n :)

When Romeo isn’t playing with his new toys or outside with his foster siblings, he’s cuddled up next to you on the couch. He prefers to be close to his human when the day winds down.

If you are interested in a dog that will make life fun, interesting and sweet, contact Minnesota Sheltie Rescue.


Now about that video…

Minnesota Sheltie Rescue Reunion (in pictures)

April 15, 2013 8 comments

What has become one of my favorite events of the year was held this past weekend – the annual Minnesota Sheltie Rescue Reunion. What a day!

Adopted Shelties came from far and wide to spend their Saturday afternoon with us (one group even came down from Fargo, ND!). It was so wonderful to see so many of the Shelties that have been adopted this past year, and in years past. I loved seeing some of the same people I had first met in the adoption process now with their new dogs and looking so happy.

The attendance was amazing this year. Probably one of the largest attendance crowds ever!

The day was chock full of things to do, including Sheltie games where dogs and owners could compete for prizes in the shell game, peanut butter lick off contest, pooch a smooth, egg walk and agility activities. Attendees could also get their professional pictures done, Ask the Trainer a training question, get a massage for their doggie and Speak with an Animal Communicator. There was an auction with some pretty awesome items up for bidding (I nabbed the cutest Sheltie flag on a pole that can be stuck in my garden.) and people could purchase fun games for their pups from Dog Prodigy and homemade jerky treats from Four Paws Gourmet  or find out more about Top Dog Country Club, our sponsor for the event.

But the highlight of the day was the Sheltie Parade. So many Shelties took the walk with their new families. It was great to see them so happy. I saw a lot of pride and joy on Saturday as Shelties pranced  alongside their owners.

I thought I would share just a few highlights of the day with you. I have to give full credit to my friend Cindy Dahl Smith for the majority of these pictures. I forgot my camera and all I had was my iPhone (all the fuzzy pictures are mine). Thanks Cindy!

Lots of happy faces at the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue Reunion on Saturday.

Lots of happy faces at the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue Reunion on Saturday.

Adorable Adoptable, Izzy, had a lovely time meeting everyone

Adorable Adoptable, Izzy, had a lovely time meeting everyone

Sheltie Thundershirt

Sheltie parents could buy Thundershirts for their pals


Joey was happy to watch all the excitement from his mom's lap.

Joey was happy to watch all the excitement from his mom’s lap.

Owen was happy to perform his tricks for treats

Owen was happy to perform his tricks for treats

MNSR Auction

MNSR Auction

Lots of dog parents went home with dog treats for their pooch

Lots of dog parents went home with dog treats for their pooch



Egg walk

Egg walk


The Sheties in the Sheltie Parade

The Sheties in the Sheltie Parade








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