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Favorite Video Friday – A fairy dancing with a dog

August 21, 2014 6 comments

Sometimes you just want to get your inner fairy on, ya know?

It might be the fact that I’ve been listening to a little Smokey Robinson and Jason Mraz this week, but for some reason the thought of dressing up like a fairy and dancing with my dog sounds like fun. Maybe it’s time for a little R and R.

What do you think? Is it strange to want to dance with your dog in a fairy costume (or a butterfly one)? I would bet you’d be hard-pressed to say so after watching these two.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Dachshund Bahama Vacation

June 26, 2014 2 comments

It’s vacation time at Casa del Mel. We might not be going on any bog trips, but we are certainly going to have some fun!

It seemed like this week’s video was the perfect way to kick things off.


Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Join Sparky in the Celtic Kibble Dance

June 20, 2014 5 comments

Is anyone else saying “Thank God It’s Friday!” today? I know I am. It has been a very trying week at Casa del Mel (even the dogs are saying TGIF!).

The only way to end a week like this is to do a happy dance. Why don’t you join Sparky and I in a little jig? (He’s cute as hell isn’t he?)

C’mon! It will make you feel a whole lot better.

I promise.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – What happens when you have a dog and you do yoga

June 12, 2014 7 comments

I’m not really a “gym” person, but if I could work out at home without interruption, I would love to do so. My sister has been doing her workouts at home, and her dedication and hard work are really starting to show. My fear is that my workouts would end up looking something like the ones featured in this week’s video selection.

You’ve got to admire a woman who can maintain some semblance of zen while a dog is licking her face incessantly or crawling under her and putting his butt up in her face, wagging tail and all.

I might not have the same issues with my dogs as she has with Otis, but I have no doubt that there would be something dropped in front of me, over and over again.

Jasper really does think I was put on this earth to throw his ball for him.

I hope you get a giggle or two as you watch Otis and his mom.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Hanging out at the beach with my family

May 23, 2014 4 comments

Memorial Day weekend is dedicated to honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military, but traditionally it has also been a weekend to spend time with family. Many of us will observe the day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings, camping, hanging out at the beach and participating in parades.

For myself, I hope to spend some time with both family and friends (and of course, my dogs). There will be gardening and reading and picture-taking this weekend, but there will also be some time to reflect on those who served or are serving now.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you get to hang out with your favorite people and just enjoy being with each other.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Paddle boarding with the dog

May 15, 2014 5 comments

I don’t know how the weather has been where you live, but here in Minnesota we’ve been enjoying something I like to call Sprinter. It’s been way too cold to be spring and yet it is too warm to call it winter. It seems we’re stuck somewhere in between. Sprinter.

I want more warm sunny days and green grass and blooming spring flowers and time at the beach. Instead, we have rain, more rain, clouds (lots of them) and the heat is still on in the house. Perhaps a little sunny video featuring a French Bulldog enjoying a paddle ride in California will warm things up around here.

Chicken (could there be a cuter name?) is the adorable dog along for the ride. Her parents are the paddlers. The music is the sauce holding it all together. I hope it starts your weekend off with a little smile.


Happy Friday everyone!

Bernese Mountain Dog vs. Boston Terrier: Play or not? What do you see?

April 27, 2014 10 comments

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do when observing a dog’s behavior is to leave the judgements aside and just observe the behavior itself. It’s only natural for us to want to jump right to the conclusion. In our day-to-day lives, we often have to assess a situation quickly and make a decision about how to react to it .

But when it comes to dogs, observing the component parts of the behavior is just as important as what it means when we put it all together. Actually seeing the behaviors without judgment about what it means is something I struggle with all of the time. It is an art that one must practice ALL OF THE TIME, if one is to get good at it. It’s why I love videos like the one below. This one truly gave me a run for my money.

I knew it would be a good one to share with all of you. It’s a great composite of dog behavioral cues and one that is a little easier to watch because of the repetition of some of the behaviors (It was also a little more exhausting to record them all because there were so many of them!).

Take a few minutes to watch the video below and identify the behaviors you see. Try not to make any judgments about the behavior, but instead focus on what you “see” and how many times you see it displayed. As usual, you can find my observations below. Feel free to point out any I missed.


My Observations

The video begins with the Boston Terrier’s paw on the Bernese Mountain dog’s chest/neck and the Bernese’s eyes are wide open with the whites of his eyes showing (this can also called a “whale eye“, and his nose is crinkled up.

Boston Terrier (BT)

  • Paws at Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD)
  • Puts nose into his chest
  • Lifts muzzle up towards BMD’s snout, throws body to the right
  • Leaps back to the left, muzzle poke to BMD’s snout, paws BMD
  • Puts head down near BMD’s paws
  • Jumps up, muzzle punches
  • Leaps up at BMD’s face, body and head follow BMD’s snout as he turns away
  • Lands to left of bed
  • Leaps back and to the right when BMD turns head right and lowers snout
  • Leaps at BMD’s face, paws raised
  • Flies to left as BMD lunges at him with open mouth
  • Immediately jumps back and then jumps towards BMD’s face and snout (appears to be a little further back than before)
  • Leaps back and to the right, BMD lunges at him again, exposes teeth
  • Leaps to left  and back in front of the dog bed a little distance from BMD’s snout
  • Immediately leaps straight towards BMD’s snout and back, leaps to the right
  • Leaps back towards BMD, body is turned sideways to BMD, lands on dog bed just to left of BMD’s paw
  • Leaps slightly towards BMD’s head, paws and head are low
  • Body lands on BMD’s paw on far right, head is lower than the BMD, eyes and face turned towards BMD
  • Play bow with lowered front of body, head lowered, ears back,
  • Muzzle poke
  • Leaps to right, body is turned sideways to BMD
  • Muzzle poke
  • Moves back from BMD and bed
  • Muzzle poke, leaps right
  • Lays on right side on dog bed just to right of BMD, ears back, butt in air
  • Snaps at BMD, ears up
  • Muzzle poke, muzzle punch
  • Stands with body sideways to BMD, ears up
  • Muzzle poke, leap to right
  • Muzzle poke, body is down and lower than BMD
  • Muzzle punch, leaps to left
  • Leaps off bed, one paw still on bed
  • Ears back, muzzle poke, muzzle punch
  • Play bow, tail wagging, looks up an BMD
  • Leaps up at BMD and back to right
  • Muzzle punch
  • Runs away
  • Immediately comes back, upper body up, lands on bed in front of BMD
  • Leaps away and to right
  • Leaps left and up at BMD’s head
  • Lays on bed with front of body on bed and butt in air
  • Leaps sideways and lands with upper body on its side on bed, butt is in air, back legs stretched back, ears back
  • Lowers back and down slightly, lefts head up and to left towards BMD
  • Paws outstretched, lying on BMD’s front paws, head turns slightly left and up towards BMD’s face
  • Back end moves right and onto the floor, head turns left and up
  • Curls body up on bed, left paw up, head and mouth turned towards BMD, ears back, nibbles BMD’s snout,
  • Nuzzles BMD’s chest and jowls (several times), muzzle pokes BMD’s ear and side of head,
  • Leaps up and back
  • Muzzle poke, leap to left, ears back, head turned slightly right
  • Places paw on BMD’s neck, ears up and back, body is forward, back straight, tail is up
  • Leaps left, lowers head and front of body slightly, head turned towards BMD
  • Muzzle poke
  • Leaps far left off bed
  • Leaps back, muzzle punch to BMD’s snout, leaps right
  • Muzzle poke, leaps right
  • Body is on bed, head in BMD’s side near paw, lays still as BMD sniffs
  • Body moves to almost perpendicular position to BMD, head up and mouth near BMD’s ear
  • Muzzle poke
  • Nuzzle under chin, lip lick, body is next to BMD
  • Nuzzles BMD under neck, lip lick
  • Head up under BMD’s jaw, tail wag, lip lick, ears back
  • Falls back as BMD leans away, tips head up towards BMD’s snout
  • Body moves and stretches out next to BMD
  • Leaps up and to the left

Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD)

  • Eyes are wide
  • Looks up towards camera
  • Lips pulled back tightly
  • Ears are back and down, eyes wide
  • Stares ahead at camera, head slightly raised
  • Whale eye, turn head to left, whale eye, turns head further left
  • Turns head slightly right, puts snout down towards bed, crinkles nose
  • Lifts head slightly
  • Lunges forward, mouth open, ears back, teeth showing
  • Snout is wrinkled, small whale eye,
  • Lunge forward towards BT after muzzle punch, whale eye, mouth open, lips pulled back, teeth exposed
  • Pulls head back., snout wrinkled, teeth bared, whale eye
  • Lunges to left and forward at BT, snout wrinkled, ears back, lips pulled back, teeth exposed
  • Pulls head back slightly, lips draw back, teeth exposed, lip lick
  • Head pulled in towards body, teeth exposed, lips back, slight whale eye
  • Head pulled back, snout wrinkled, blinks
  • Lip lick
  • Snout wrinkled, teeth exposed, pulls head back and up slightly, snout wrinkled, teeth exposed, furrowed brows
  • Whale eye, turns head to an angle, lips pulled back
  • Lip lick, lip lick
  • Head lowered, lip curl
  • Head moves up, whale eye,  lip curl
  • Lowers head towards BT
  • Turns head slightly up and to left
  • Head lifts up, chin is parallel to floor, lip curl, looks at camera with wide eyes
  • Lip curl, whale eye, ears raised and back
  • Lip lick, ears move back, lip lick
  • Whale eye, lefts head a few times to avoid muzzle punch,
  • Eyes look to camera, ears perk up and move forward slightly, continues to look at camera as ears move down at muzzle punch and then perk back up
  • Whale eye, lips pull back slightly twice, lip curl, snout wrinkles, head turns slightly right, whale eye
  • Lowers snout to sniff BT
  • Head leans forward slightly to sniff BT’s side, head leans forward more and sniffs more
  • Whale eye as BT places paw on neck, lip curl, head goes slightly back and up
  • Whale eye, lips pull back, ears pinned back,
  • Turns head down towards BT, sniffs BT,
  • Turns head slightly up and to left,
  • Looks left, whale eye, looks right, leans way back and away from BT, whale eye
  • Looks like about to lay down and then sits back up as BT follows, whale eye
  • Leans back again as BT follows
  • Leans forward and away, looking slightly left

Summary: The Boston Terrier is trying to engage the Bernese in play, but his methods are not welcomed. The Bernese gives every kind of warning that the behavior is inappropriate, and the Boston seems to get it further on in the video when he does several play bows and appeasement behaviors.  Several times the Bernese looks to the person behind the camera as if asking for their help. The owner should have intervened and separated the dogs at this point for sure, but I would have done so as soon as I saw the whale eye, lip curls and exposed teeth. I cannot tell if the owner warned the Bernese to behave or signaled them to let the Boston Terrier continue, but towards the end of the minute you see the dogs perk up several times as if someone is trying to grab his attention or is speaking to him. Perhaps something was said because he seemed to endure the Boston’s behavior even more after that. The Bernese seems to recognize the Boston is playing later in the video, but is still very annoyed throughout the interaction. He is also curious, because he takes time to sniff the Boston several different times.

In my opinion  the Bernese showed remarkable restraint. In many cases, a whale eye, bared teeth, and curled lips would be signs of a dog about to bite. It is hard to be certain, but the Boston Terrier’s quick movements may have kept him from a serious injury.

Favorite Video Friday – Shiba Inu vs. the Unreachable Carrot

April 24, 2014 4 comments

I don’t know about you, but I like to think if Shiba Inu’s as the little comedians of the dog world. They clearly have a sense of humor and they are so darn adorable!

Barkley is one Shiba Inu seems to be a regular on the YouTube video scene. It’s not hard to see why. i thought I would share just one his many videos. He is quite the character. (So is his brother Koshi by the way.) Kudos to his pet parents for adding the sound effects. They really do add a little pizzazz to the video. :)

Happy Friday everyone!


Favorite Video Friday – “Happy” Doggie Style

April 4, 2014 7 comments

I am in love with Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.” I find myself singing it in the car, in the shower and at work. I even watch the 24-hour happy fest on on occasion. What can I say? It makes my feet move.

Maybe that’s why this doggie version of his song was such a hit with me. I bet you’ll be singing it to yourself all day long. :)

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – When commercials make dogs sad

January 31, 2014 3 comments

Did I mention it’s been a long winter yet? It’s enough to make a person feel sad isn’t it?

I’m not depressed , but I think the dog in this video just may be.

I think this is what happens when a dog gets stuck inside the house due to frigid cold temperatures and excessive snow (i.e., snow so deep you can’t even move in it)…

Or, maybe it’s just the commercial on T.V.

What do you think?

Go ahead puppy, sing the song of your people.

Happy Friday everyone!


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